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PETTY B*TCHES - Event image

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Wanted: Petty Bitches.

Why be a Basic Bitch when you can be a Petty Bitch?

Are you willing to go that extra mile just for the most minute detail? To be petty is not to be childish, it's to be specific, very specific, REALLY SPECIFIC because every detail counts. It's not our fault we have standards.

If you've ever lived in a share house, caught a plane or worked in an office with passive aggressive Post-It notes then you've walked the walk and now it's time to talk the talk.

Internationally acclaimed, award winning comedy cabaret bitches, Boo Dwyer and Tash York have combined forces to address the very specific, small and somewhat meaningless issues that make us petty, but better than the rest.

Are you petty? Then come join us... bitches.

Presented by:
Mick & Boo in association with Big Hair Productions

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