Peter James: Word Person.

Comedy • Stand Up
World Premiere
He may be young, but Peter James is no newbie when it comes to making people laugh. He's opened for some of Australia's finest comedians and now invites you to join him for an hour of wit, whimsy, stories and songs as Peter shows you that he's far more 'Main Event' than 'Opening Act'.

[wurd pur-suh n]
An individual seeking approval/financial gain through words and phrasing.

Example A:
a promotional poem (in 50 words or less, no exceptions):

Sticks and stones will break his bones but words will never hurt him. Unless of course, those words are jokes and no one else has heard them. To have a limerick as a blurb might seem out of place, the only problem with this rhyme is I've run out of

"Sharp as a tack and genuinely very funny" The Advertiser.

Presented by: Laughing Heart Comedy