Five people swimming in a pool together. They are grouped together and looking with fear toward a figure behind the camera looming over them. The edge of the looming figure's legs frames the concerned people's faces.
A closeup of a grown man swimming in a pool with a dummy in his mouth.
A stock image of a swimming pool with the word "Peed" written out in the middle.

Peed in the Pool

In the pool, no one can hear you wee…

Still soaked from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Fully Charged is doing more sketch comedy!

Refusing to stay in their lane, Fully Charged is blending sketch comedy, being hot, and pool-based humour into one unforgettable night. 

Fill your bladders, buy a ticket, and dive right in.

“Very funny” - someone in the audience  

“A very tasteful amount of toilet humour” - someone else in the audience

“Faster than fast, Quicker than quick. I am lightning. Speed. I am speed.” - Lightning Mcqueen

Comedy • Sketch show
Victoria • SA Premiere

Thu, 22 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min


$13 to $20

M (3 Warnings)

More show, venue & access details

IMPORTANT: Since the guide has gone to print this event has moved from Hades Hula House and will now be at ARTHUR ARTHOUSE.