Peach Cobbler

Theatre and Physical Theatre β€’ Site Specific
South Australia β€’ World Premiere

It's 7:30pm and the family sits up for dinner. How was your day? Was it busy at work? Do you really think you should be drinking that much? Family secrets, motivations and opinions are heard loud and clear. Politics and misogyny take their place at the table alongside fears and hopes.

Local Adelaide playwright Laura Desmond explores the conversations had behind closed doors. Nominated for Best Spoken Word at the Greater Manchester Fringe for 'socially [un]acceptable' in 2019.

Praise for Laura Desmond:

"Unique and commanding, in the most delicate of ways" The AU Review

socially [un]acceptable

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Dr Selflove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Thighs

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Presented by: Big Mood

Big Mood is a collaboration between two young Adelaide girls, who see the potential for making change by investing in creating and nurturing new art across all genres with a strong focus on social change. We are all about the big thinking, rule breaking, change making, motivating, thought provoking artists.

Our love for being creative, coupled with our dedication to the arts in Adelaide, defines everything that we do. We aim to seek out creatives with similar passions and powerful points of view to help bring their ideas to life. We believe that creativity can make all the change in the world.

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