A woman in a flower crown and fairy wings, with smudged dark makeup, looks at the camera while smoking a cigarette
A woman in a fairy costume kneels on stage, with her arms crossed on the top of a stool. Behind her is a shiny silver curtain
a woman in fairy wings, a black t-shirt and a unicorn mask holds a mic to the masks mouth.

Party Girl

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Solo show
New South Wales • SA Premiere

When your day goes from bad to worse, the only thing left to do is strap on a unicorn horn and play pass the f**cking parcel.  Fairy Sprinkles is the kids party entertainer of every gross dad’s dreams. In this rock n' roll monologue from Lucy Heffernan all the glitzy hell of a kids birthday party explodes out on stage to challenge traditional feminine behaviour, and explore the impact of mental illness on family.

A story about love and faith, Party Girl is an intimate, funny, and deeply moving work that speaks (and sings) directly to the audience.

Created and Performed by Lucy Heffernan

VENUE: The Mill
154 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000

March 8 - 12
Nightly Performances at 10:30pm 

Presented by: Purple Tape Productions

Purple Tape Productions are a new company run by women, with the aim of uplifting female identifying voices in the theatre. With a focus on fostering new work to the stage, Purple Tape make bold, female led productions. Run by Lily Hayman and Tyler Fitzpatrick, we do the heavy lifting and we wear the (fabulous) pants.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Emotional roller-coaster 1
  • Enthralled throughout, we joined in the songs, while in-between you could hear the glitter drop, such was the spell Lucy wove upon us all. - David Cronin, The Clothesline

  • A mix of Courtney Love inspired rock ’n’ roll...Party Girl is a carer’s story told as a one woman show with humour, bogan grace and honesty - Louise Pascale, Mindshare

  • This one-woman show by the outstanding Lucy Heffernan is sure to be the next Fleabag - Georgina Smerd, Glamadelaide

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