Paroxysm Press - The Showcase Series.

Cabaret • Spoken Word
Over 3 huge nights we present 18 of the best underground authors, artists and spoken word performers. Their work comes to the stage tight, slick and hard hitting with a stubborn desire to entertain.

New work, Paroxysm favourites and a few surprises, it is the best value entertainment in the Fringe.

If poetry has a punk scene, you'll find it here.

Photo from the Beat Museum, San Francisco.

Presented by: Paroxysm Press

Paroxysm Press rose from the gutter of the Australian music scene in 1998. It’s been fighting tooth and nail ever since to publish the type of hard edge, honest and high impact writing we all love and live for ourselves.

Poetry and prose, ‘shotgun’ fiction, rapid-read novellas; tight, slick, hard hitting spoken word that can hold the stage and keep an audience on their toes even in front of hundreds of drunken music fans. The Paroxysm Crew carry with them a passion, a stubborn anger and a strong awareness of their need to entertain that sees them now amongst the best authors this country has to offer.

Paroxysm Press, too stubborn to die.