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You're never alone, when you've got a parasite. Ten years of working in Asia and Africa, Alanta has seen a few things. And eaten a few things. And yelled her lunch into not an inconsequential number of toilets. Not a show for the faint of heart.

Parasites Lost is equal parts scientific, entertaining and comedic. It tempers the educational elements of a TED talk with hilarious anecdotes and the occasional moments of potty humour. This show is an informative and pathos-addled adventure both across the globe and under the microscope.

Discover brain-controlling fungi, living Hollywood beauty treatments, and parasites living right under your nose. Literally, under your nose. Right now. This show is a unique opportunity to learn about the secret life of some of the most ingenious organisms, from someone who's played host to them. Alanta Colley is a public health practitioner, a comedian, and a bee-keeper. This is her debut solo Show.

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The Royal Institution of Australia

The Royal Institution of Australia, is home to Australia's Science Channel. We believe that Science and technology are as much a part of our cultural fabric as art, music, theatre and literature, and we've been hosting Fringe events to highlight these links since 2010.

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