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A woman with a SPAM container in front of her naked body
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Pam Ford 'Ten Pound Pam'

Pam Ford a Ten pound Pom, is often asked "Where are you really from?" Born in England raised in Australia and ping ponging between both countries Pam discusses the differences in food, climate and customs, language and humor. Fond memories of comfort food, Spam Sarnies, being an immigrant and being taunted Spam Ford!
This is a heartwarming and funny jaunt through family love and Spam. 
Spam Ford 'The meaty content you've been waiting for!'
World Premier at Adelaide Fringe 2024 at The Griffins Hotel 8.15pm
Previous show tour 2023 Don't you dare... Put me in a care home!  was a great success in Adelaide.

Comedy • True-life
International • World Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

55 min

The Grenfell Room at The Griffins


M (1 Warning)

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