A woman's head coming out of a lake, surrounded by two swans making the shape of a heart.
An audience filled with our hero is looking at and applauding a performer on stage who is also our hero.
A ballerina who has fallen on stage


★★★★★ Award winning clown
Do you believe in true love? Listen and play along with Odette, a chain-smoking half-swan, half-human creature stuck in limbo looking for someone to give her an undying vow of love to set her free. Come to a love story you will not forget where anyone can break her curse, maybe even you… 

Special thanks to the creative team of Mump & Smoot, and Meegan Sweet.
"A huge talent" - Edmonton Journal
"Spot on comedy" - APT613

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Clown
Canada • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

50 min to 60 min

Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres (+1 more)

$25 to $30

M (4 Warnings)

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