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Music • Comedy
Australian Premiere
Come on the ride of your life with Australia's quirkiest trio!

Gypsy Rumble will have you in stitches with their tales through song of strung out monkeys, drug addicted sniffer dogs, vegan Christmas feasts and incontinent rhinos whilst entertaining you with their musical mastery of Ukulele's, Banjos, Violins and much more.

"The music featured varying feels and styles such as deep shuffle, reggae and ska influenced grooves, driving and at times delightfully complex percussion, passionate and masterful vocals, funky ukulele, traditional folk banjo, sublime violin and some the tightest vocal harmony delivery I have ever heard. The sound was fantastic, the crowd was appreciative, the show was extremely entertaining and the band was captivating." Roo's Live Experience.

Presented by: Gypsy Rumble

Heralded as “Australia’s quirkiest Celtic/Folk band” the Gypsy Rumble has its roots in Celtic, world and bush dance fun. The band’s enthralling, highly energetic performances carry audiences back in time as the Gypsy Rumble blends showmanship, artistry and tradition.

This is a band that knows how to entertain. “If you can find the time to catch your breath from dancing these guys are just as fun to watch”

The Gypsy Rumble is made up of Captain Screechplank, One eyed Willie and Paddy Spudnips. It’s not uncommon for the uncommon to happen at a Gypsy Rumble show! Loose and free-spirited performances—you never know when they’ll bust out a zany instrument, dancer or circus act to raise a rumble with them.