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Otopor Madho

In his conversation Madho recalls his early life. He left his home in his boyhood and came here. 50, Madho used to be mistreated by his friend's father. But Madho could not give attention to his father's profession. One day his puppy was beaten by the son of the head of the community. He would have to face a punishment by the head of the village community. Madho is recalling his memories related to his mother and father and his interesting boyhood. His parents are no more today but he had a home in the village. Madho spent the whole night on the bank thinking about his whole life story. He insisted Madho to continue the movement.


Methopath Theatre's first production 'Atapar Madho' has so far done 31 shows. Among them, the play 'Atopor Madho' has been show's in 13 international drama festivals in Korea, India and Bangladesh.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Music
International • Australian Premiere

Sat, 16 Mar

90 min

Arts Theatre

$15 to $20


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