bluish woman lying down dreaming of the underworld
woman with long black hair looking sideways arising from a abstract red background
woman lying dreaming of red swirls

Orpheus by Shakti

The myth of Orpheus has captured the imagination of people throughout the ages.  The passage to death and back to life is sought after by many.  Orpheus symbolises the bridging of the 2 worlds through art. Life and death cannot be separated.  One must accept both to start the journey to descend into the underworld to search for life.

The dance is pure and abstract.  It does not attempt to tell a story but shows visions and images of the journey we take in life towards death seeking another form of life.



This event has had a name change from 'Orpheus' to 'Orpheus by Shakti' since the Adelaide Fringe Guide has been printed.

South Australia • SA Premiere

Thu, 14 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

40 min

The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

$30 to $35


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