To male performers are mid show. Alex, on the left in a black sleeves vest, is performing with a notebook in his hand. Phil, right, is wearing a headband and strumming his acoustic guitar. The picture was taken in a surf shop in Bali.
A textured Blue Background with ORPHEUS written on. The O-R-P-H, sit directly above the E-U-S. 
A Tree and roots grow out of the bottom of the O, of ORPHEUS.
Two men stand in a courtyard facing each other, with a large space between them. One looking towards the camera, and one with his back to it. An acoustic guitar and a leather bound book sit on the floor between them. Audience sit either side of the men.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Music
United Kingdom

The international, smash hit, multi-award winning show from "Two masters of storytelling" (FourthWall) returns to Adelaide Fringe for the fourth year. 

David is turning 30, sat at the bar. Eurydice is a tree nymph. Bruce Springsteen is on the karaoke. 

A modern retelling of an timeless tale. A story of ancient gods, side streets and dive bars. And a question of how far we'd go for love. 

Wound from soaring melodies and searing spoken word, Wright&Grainger bring their little of story about big things back to one of their favourite places in the world. 

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser 2019

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser 2020

WINNER Best Theatre (Weekly) 2018 (Orpheus), 2019 (Eurydice), 2020 (The Gods The Gods The Gods)

Presented by: Wright&Grainger in association with Joanne Hartstone

Wright&Grainger are two very good pals from the fields and lanes of North Yorkshire in the UK. They made ORPHEUS in 2016. Since then they’ve toured it across the UK, around Australia, through New Zealand, over to Bali and headed to New York for a little stint Off Broadway. They tell stories, write songs, and weave myths from spoken word and soaring melodies. They’ve won a heap of awards, garnered a lot a critical acclaim, and made some damn good pals along the way. They work heaps with their pal Joanne Hartstone, who’s a bit of a South Australian legend. They’re very happy to be back in one of their very favourite places.