A man standing on a single hand in a black void.
A man in a large space doing a flip with one arm outstretched downwards.
A warped and distorted human back with claw like hands sneering down, creating a demon like resemblance.

Only Bones v1.9

WINNER - Best Dance and Physical Theatre Weekly Award - Fringe World 2023

A journey of evolution, from birth to consciousness. Follow the struggle through a maze of shape shifting surroundings to the edge and beyond. With an immersive foley soundscape, a dash of acrobatics, a sprinkle of clown and a fist full of Kung Fu.

“Dust flies when the physics that creates and stops motion in a nanosecond reaches out to other dimensions” Helsinki Sanomat, 2022

"Crackling, hissing and throbbing. Electronic backgrounds are enlivened by the rustle of foil or rice grains and humorous gibberish of small creatures" Lapin Kansa, 2023

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Circus
International • SA Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

45 min

The roundabout at Fool's Paradise

$25 to $33

PG (4 Warnings)

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