Black poster with a man's fist taking up the center space in black and white. Half of the fist image is made up of multicoloured faded writing which reads:
"lost. Confusion. Powerful. Potent. Cruel. Enraged. Mad. Destroyer. One Punch Wonder. Raging. Brutal. Frantic. Berserk. Violent."
A performance photo of a man being lifted into the air by three other men, taken from above the stage (Bird’s eye view). The man is shirtless and wears black boxing shorts with a white stripe on the legs and waistband. The stage is awash in a white-blue hue. A quote from From Melinda Tankard-Reist (Australian writer, speaker, blogger and media commentator) reads: ‘Every boy in Australia needs to see this play, as a matter of urgency.’
A performance photo of four men in a boxing ring. One stands in the foreground, watching the other three men poised in a position with their fists held up by their heads, suggestive of a fight about to take place between them. The men are shirtless and wear black boxing shorts with a white stripe on the legs and waistband. A quote from Sam Switkowski (AFL player from the Fremantle Dockers) reads, ‘I encourage all communities, sporting teams and young men to watch One Punch Wonder, which will have an everlasting impact on your life. It did for me when I saw it.’

One Punch Wonder

How much damage does one punch really do? 'One Punch Wonder pulls up the page and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope, looking into the coward's punch from all angles, asking us: how are we raising our boys?

20 years after an out-of-control violent night out that changed the lives of hundreds of people forever, four men meet to question masculinity and make a strong statement against violence in Australia. Moving from a pub-side view of mateship, booze and violence to experiencing loss through the eyes of the grief-stricken, One Punch Wonder puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope.

★★★★ 1/2 "Redefining what it means to be a man." OUTinPerth

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Verbatim
Western Australia • SA Premiere

Fri, 15 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

70 min

Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres

$30 to $35

M (7 Warnings)

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