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Once Were Pirates

Theatre / Comedy
Scaled once were pirates hero
IT AIN'T A KID'S SHOW! Pirates, Shane and Gareth, have been marooned in the present. How will they survive without a code of values to guide them? Award-winners, Gobsmacked Theatre, present Emilie Collyer's dark, quirky comedy about young men navigating their way through a complex and dangerous world. "It's a genuinely laugh-out-loud funny performance. The pirate theme acts as a neat step aside from the more obvious undercurrent of the increasingly confused space that is traditional masculinity, as Shane and Gareth's increasing frustration with a world that doesn't fit their understanding of themselves represents their sense of their self as men" - British Theatre Guide 2017. "Funny, moving & supremely clever!"- Tim Ferguson- 'The Doug Anthony Allstars'.

Presented by:
Gobsmacked Theatre Company

David McVicar’s Gobsmacked Theatre Company has a reputation for presenting exciting and bold theatre that integrates distinctive text with striking visual imagery and often a darkly comic sensibility.
In 2017, Gobsmacked toured ‘Once Were Pirates’ to the Pleasance at The Edinburgh Fringe and David McVicar was selected by Arts SA as one of the Producers to represent Made in Adelaide.
At the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Gobsmacked received one of the 24 major awards i.e. The Holden Street Theatres ‘Adelaide Fringe Award for Excellence in Theatre’ for the production of ‘DROPPED’, by Katy Warner. This production then toured to The Pleasance at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and was selected by Arts SA as one of the nine acts to represent Made in Adelaide.

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Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Frequent / Strong

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: M

Depicts Violence: Mild

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