Psychedelically coloured drawing of a band with a long haired possibly female singer, a bearded guitarist, a guitarist wearing shades and a possibly male singer leaping while singing into a microphone
Four musicians, one on percussion, two on trumpets and one on saxophone, with the brass players wearing huge colourful sombreros. All of them are looking at sheet music while the play.
Eight funky musicians and singers on stage having a great time singing into microphones and playing guitars. All are smiling and having a great time.

"OK BOOMER!" - Protest songs of a generation

South Australia • World Premiere

Join Adelaide's "Sneaky Little Band" playing a collection of protest songs of the "Boomer" generation that are every bit as relevant today, while a visual narrative plays on a large screen. The "Baby Boomers" have written some incredible songs over the years and this event will showcase some of the standout numbers. "The Sneaky Little Band" is a collection of some of Adelaide's finest and most experienced musical theatre artists. The performers on stage deliver a full "fat" sounding horn section, virtuoso guitar with excellent vocalists delivering sweet, technical harmonies to a crafted visual backdrop interwoven with some quiet, single "Dylan-esque" moments with the archetypal single-guitar with a vocalist and harmonica.  The event can be described as "nostalgic" and "thought provoking.

Presented by: The Sneaky Little Band

The Sneaky Little Band is a collection of some of Adelaide's finest musical theatre performers, coming together from both the stage and the musician's pit. In fact, there is nothing "sneaky" nor "little" about this band, with anywhere up to a dozen musicians performing on stage at any one time. Big funky brass, sublime guitar virtuoso, hot keyboards and wonderful singers bring together sweet harmonies and enthralling musicianship.

This event is presented in the Cabaret style with chairs and tables making up the seating, and wine and other refreshments available for an enjoyable night out with a drink and some thought provoking music and drama performed by excellent musicians.