Performer stands on the streets (of Mumbai, India), posing with her Harp, her right arm resting on the harp
Performer stands in front of a red door looking into the camera. The structure has red brick walls. A smile on her face
Performers on stage. Nush Lewis on the Harp and singing holding the microphone. Next to her is a bass player seated. stage lights light up the instruments

Nush Lewis : Indian Independent Showcase

Music • Contemporary
India • Australian Premiere

With moody vocal lines, pensive compositions, combined with a unique production ethos, her musicality can best be described as minimal acoustic, with intricate melodic lines set upon ephemeral soundscapes. Donning multiple hats, as a composer, she’s collaborated with producer Ayan De in 2015 and released her debut EP “Fused”, which was critically acclaimed. In April 2019 she released her second EP, “Bridges”, which is an art collaborative concept piece with artist, Vaishnavi Kumar.

An avid advocate for music and the arts, in 2017, Nush started her own music education company, OffSet Education, that directly supports music education and creative development with support from their respective industries, and has been generating tremendous support since it’s inception.

Presented by: is an idea born out of relocation. Manish Chandnani, born and raised in Bombay, India recently moved to Adelaide with his young family and has over a decade of experience running India’s happiest Music festival. With his career deeply rooted in music, arts and culture, he is passionate about linking both worlds and the Indian Independent showcase at the Adelaide Fringe 2023 is an attempt at that.

Bringing artists from beyond the mainstream, the Indian Independent showcase attempts to highlight contemporary Indian talent and their impact on popular youth culture.