Numinous Asylum

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Mixed Media
South Australia
Describing an experience that makes you fearful, yet fascinated, awed yet attracted - the powerful, personal experience of being overwhelmed and inspired. This beautiful distraction is a culminating - theatre, dance performance intertwined with film, sound and spoken word to create exactly what its name portrays.

Focusing on the estranged relationship between the medical system and mental health, this multi media experience will create a hauntingly beautiful imprint, that will aim at changing community perception, by providing an insight into the irony surrounding common beliefs and shining a light on how we, as human beings, can united, achieve greater healing and understanding of the roots from which we all grow.

Please note: This event has had a time and date change, and changed spaces from 'The Arch'  to 'The Studio' since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed.

Presented by: Labyrinth Productions

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