Photograph of a man in purple shirt sitting at a table of assorted toys and hobbies, with his hand on his cheek, smiling. With a cartoon background of a living room with crayon drawings on the wall and a framed picture beside his right
A man in a yellow shirt with his arms crossed smiling. With a purple background and an assortment of crayon drawing on the back wall: a star, a smiley face and squiggly lines.
A man in a purple shirt sitting behind a table with an assortment of toys and hobbies in front of him; his are up and palm open to the sky. Behind him is a cartoon background with a yellow wall with a bookshelf on it and a blue floor with a castle made from building blocks on it.

Not For Children's Programming

Isn't life hard? We grow up watching our favourite shows like Play School, and all of a sudden we're out there making mistakes and learning life lessons the hard way. Well, no more!

Samuel Roberts has your answers in a fast-paced cabaret exploring dating and social stigma, while using some of Australia's favourite children's show formats.

With a mix of original songs and some pleasant surprises, you are sure to be brought back to some cherished childhood memories.

So get ready to wet your nappy and remember the good times because Samuel is in Adelaide to give Noni Hazelhurst a run for her money.

Cabaret • Comedy
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Dom Polski Dwa at Dom Polski

$25 to $28

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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