Norm a white Australian man and a Pakistani student at a bus stop at midnight.
Norm a white Australian man and a Pakistani student at a bus stop at midnight.
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Norm and Ahmed

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Drama
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

It is midnight in 1968. A Pakistani student and a middle-aged white Australian war veteran meet at a bus stop resulting in a striking conversation about race, culture, and politics. The White Australia policy has been consigned to the dustbin in 1966, but Australians still weren’t used to seeing many Asians. In this time of rapidly approaching multi-cultural change, the play confronts us with that peculiar clash between welcoming the coloured stranger and the deep suspicion and fear of that same stranger. This classic Australian play by Alex Buzo explores this conflict with a sharp pen. A pen that still scratches today.


Presented by: Joh Hartog Productions with CJ Productions and Rek Kiron

Joh Hartog Productions and CJ Productions are professional theatre companies based in Adelaide, South Australia. Joh Hartog Productions started in 2008 under the name of Accidental Productions. As an independent Production Company, its mission is to stage engaging, challenging and affordable theatre at a professional level. It delights in making work which shows life in all its variety through the theatrical lens. CJ Productions is a newly formed theatre company which believes in creating powerful and engaging content, focusing, and reflecting upon social and cultural issues. It is new and born out of need to give equal opportunities to artists from multicultural backgrounds and to share extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Cooney brings his usual larrikin character to Norm. Ahmed is played beautifully by Singh...a good production that… doesn’t seem to date. - Mark Wickett, Stage Whispers

  • Norm & Ahmed provides a shock to the system, dragging back into the spotlight things we prefer to keep hidden away. - Megan Koch, ArtsHub