Nick Schuller - Still Dry White - Nick Schuller's big head before an open landscape with a bottle of white wine.

Nick Schuller - Still Dry White

Dry (adjective): a subtle, ironic or matter-of-fact joke or sense of humour. 

Fans of dry humour should see Nick Schuller at the Adelaide Fringe. 

Dry (adjective): an alcoholic beverage that is not sweet.

Depending on how the show goes, Nick may drink a lot of still dry white.


★★★★½ "Nick Schuller’s snail-paced drawl was perfectly timed" The Age

★★★★★ “One of the most promising acts to come out of Australia in a long time” The Scotsman 

Comedy • Stand-up
Victoria • World Premiere

Tue, 20 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

50 min

Upstairs at The Howling Owl

$15 to $25

M (2 Warnings)

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