Five people dressed in 2000's style outfits stand posed in a video rental store. They are surrounded by shelves full of DVDs. Two of the women are wearing denim mini skirts and have one leg propped up on the shelves. One woman is crouching on the floor with sunglasses, a fluffy black jumper and a red plaid skirt. There are 2 people with white tank tops leaning against the walls on either side. In the top centre of the image there is text that reads 'Naughty Noughties" which is written in a sparkly font. The text is on top of a silver metallic heart and a silver butterfly.
Four individual photos of four artists performing on stage. The first artists is performing with a fire hula hoop. She is holding it in front of her and smiling and wearing a black bodysuit. The second is wearing black lingerie with a long flowy black skirt that exposes her front. She is looking away from the camera and pouting. The third artist is wearing a black long sleeved shirt and is holding fire palms. She is looking into the camera and pouting with her arms crossed above her head. The fourth artists is wearing red and black lingerie with a corset. She is leaning back and unzipping her corset whilst pulling a face that looks like she is struggling.
Five individual photos with an artist in each. The first artist is wearing a white tank top and posing with unlit fire torches. The second is giving the camera a sassy face and pulling down his pink sunglasses. The third is walking towards the camera with her hands on her hips and big sunglasses on. The fourth is talking on a landline phone and pulling a shocked face. The fifth is a close up smiling at the camera. All the images have a purple tone and all the artists are dressed in 2000's inspired outfits

Naughty Noughties

Like the sealed section of Dolly Magazine but LIVE!

The Sacred Slxt brings you a sexy and nostalgic variety of cabaret that will be stuck in your head for weeks. With costuming that will make you clutch your high-waisted jeans and a soundtrack that will leave you feeling 'So Fresh,' this is a show not to miss!

Featuring some of Adelaide and Melbourne's finest performers, prepare for a night of burlesque, fire, aerial arts and more. With each act different from the last, this show will be sweeter than a Pom Pom Cruiser!

Held at the iconic Nineteen Ten Rooftop, enjoy the show and the warm evening with a cocktail in hand.

Sunday 10 March 8pm (60min show)
Saturday 16 March 7pm (60min show)

Please note there is no allocated seating. First in, best dressed. 18+

No allocated seating. First in, best dressed.

Cabaret • Variety
South Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 10 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Nineteen Ten


R18+ (1 Warning)

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