Charla, hands on hips, smiles about finding her own voice in sex work.
Charla playing the guitar is singing about sex work.
Charla dressed in a red cape wearing a hat with a big "W" tells "Why whores are my heroes."

Naked at My Age

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Storytelling
United States • Australian Premiere

Charla Hathaway will surprise you.  Becoming a sex worker at 55 was not in the cards!  Fraught with difficult choices, her willingness to explore the world’s Oldest Profession leads to risk, lust and ultimately, healing. She will seduce you with vulnerable stores from her 20-year pioneering career as an Erotic Muse.  A passionate Fairy Godmother (going on 70), she normalizes sex work and continues to expand the definition of sex. An award-winning show from Portland, Oregon, Charla brings the bananas, feather boas and Invisible Rope—within the hour, she’ll tie you up and Mae-West-you-over!

Presented by: Charla Hathaway

Charla Hathaway is a PhD. Clinical Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner Therapist, author of Erotic Massage and 8 Erotic Nights, and…a storyteller. Founding the BodyJoy Intimacy School in Austin, Texas, twenty years ago, Charla attracts students from surrounding states into her workshops and sessions to learn new ways to talk, touch and play together—all safe and sexy. On stage, her raw truth telling and humor normalize and humanize sex. Her other play, Tales of Sex Magic & Healing, Charla shares favorite stories from her beloved clients, “Yes, intimacy can be taught! Tales and more, available at . Her work empowers you to express clear choice and consent when sharing your body—the heart and soul of erotic joy. All play proceeds go towards decriminalizing sex work.

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