My Doll’s House - A tired and sad girl in Hijab.

My Doll’s House

'My Doll's House' depicts the story of a young Afghan girl named Razia, who is forced to leave her beautiful home in Afghanistan. Razia catches the 8 pm bus with her terminally ill father,  mother, who has severe Arthritis, and five siblings. Razia's journey is full of difficulties, but she is determined to provide her parents with proper medical treatment and look after her siblings. During this journey she meets other girls in similar situations. The play 'My Doll's House' shares a profound story of friendship in exile. It shows the strength and determination of young girls like Razia, who fight for their families' survival and well-being despite all fears and uncertainties.

Most creatives of 'My Doll's House' are Afghan girls and they will participate in the 2024 Adelaide Fringe from exile. These girls don't let their fate define them. It is a story about their resilience, courage, and strength in adversity.

Film and Digital • Online Performance
International • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

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M (2 Warnings)

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