My Brown Paper Clouds

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The Factory at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Rundle Park / Kadlitpina (Park 13), Rundle Rd and, East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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About this event

This is a professional contemporary dance made specially for young audiences (aged 2-7) that takes you on a journey into the whims of imagination through dance, physical theatre, music and play. Drawing inspiration from the every day to the never-in-a-million-years, we build mountains in front of your eyes, take a boat ride down the river, and dance among the trees. This world of magical fun is made using our bodies, our music, our piles of recycled brown paper, and our wonderful imagination. In today's screen dominated entertainment industry, where video games and television are the preferred pastime of our children, we encourage children to use their imagination and environment to enjoy the pleasure of play. The performance is accompanied by a completely original, magical soundscape.

Important information:
Age Suitability: G

Presented by:
in Helvetica

In Helvetica is a contemporary performance ensemble, making unique and quirky new work through improvisation and play. Comprised of contemporary dancer Sara Di Segna, performance maker Toni Main and musician Gene Holland, In Helvetica explores the everyday world through movement, storytelling and sound. We are fascinated with form, of how we communicate (or struggle to), with the instability of memory, dreams, truth, (alternative truth), reality, imagination and multiplicity. We create and perform using the languages of movement and sound, devising through improvisation as an ensemble without a hierarchy (and no director/choreographer). In Helvetica stage full length works and live performances using improvisational structures. Previous work: SPEECHLESS, 2016 & A Memory of the Future, 2017

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