Musical Improv - The Immature Amateurs - An photo of a person holding an accordion in the middle of the image with other hands holding a trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, flute and guitar around the middle.

Musical Improv - The Immature Amateurs

Comedy • Cross-Artform
South Australia • World Premiere
Looking for a musical comedy spectacle? Plucked fresh from professional and international performers' circuits, your team of singing improvisers will deliver a show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again!
Your suggestions will create three different short stories enacted on the spot. Want a pirate adventure? A spaghetti western? Romantic drama? You choose the subject and the title and we will perform your show to live music!
Our one-man band Jai plays piano, accordion, guitar, flute, trumpet and trombone to steer the cast through their wacky labyrinth. The cast being a cabaret singer, a stand-up, a wedding singer, a street performer and a witty songster. What a package!
Are they immature? Possibly. Amateur? You decide!

Presented by: Matt Eberhart, Jai Lee, Eric Tinker, Rich Jay, Barbarella Accordato & Rob Butvila

The Immature Amateurs are a troupe of six performers from disparate backgrounds: Matt ‘Banana Man’ Eberhart was born in Germany to American parents and raised in Japan. He has been on international tours to over 15 countries. Rich Jay is a globetrotting stand up, actor and MC, with over 10 years' experience in the performing arts. Barbarella is a visual artist, costume designer and smoky-voiced chanteuse. Brought up in a circus, Jai Lee-Martin had to run away from it. As an ex-circus performer, he took to the piano and is now a multi-instrumentalist. Professional musician Rob Butvila has no respect for authority and a mind that deviates to unseemly subjects. Can the cast keep him in line? Eric Tinker (aka Derek Tickner), singer and strummer of comedy songs, is a veteran of the Brisbane improv scene.