silly looking man with colourful outfit running from slimy, gooey zombie boogers in a neighbourhood street
man standing in front of 2 plushie toys
man standing getting squished between two plushie toys

Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot!

Can fringe favourite Mr Snotbottom stop an army of barbaric boogers and monster mucus from suffocating the planet with foul phlegm?! What is mucus? Why do we sneeze? What happens when you eat your boogers? Explore the science of snot, excite in ewwwy, gooey experiments and giggle at grosstastic gags in this hilariously silly, slimy sci-fi perfect for kids ages 6 and up!
So come aboard a talking space craft and actually experience what it would be like to shrink down and journey into the gnarly nasal passage with some snotty special effects and stupendously slimy puppets in a high energy interactive show where YOU get to be a part of the adventure.
“multi-generational comedy for all!” Glam Adelaide. ★★★★★
Best Children’s Podcast Award Winner 2022.
Best Perfromance Newcastle Fringe 2023

Kids and Family • Comedy
Victoria • World Premiere

Sat, 17 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

50 min

Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

$22 to $29

G (2 Warnings)

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