Mr Snotbottom being silly, with his 2 thumbs up his nose, pulling a stupid face. Getting in character for his silly, gross show.
Stinky Mr Snotbottom with fingers up his nose, ready for a silly , crazy fun show.
Mr Snotbottom with some of guitar caught up his nose, he is ok, but ready to play some silly, stinky songs to the audience.

Mr Snotbottom’s Stinky Silly Show

• Children's

A deeees-gusting kids comedian brimming with all the gooey, smelly and yucky topics kids love: boogers, pop-offs and smells!

Be repulsed by horrible stories, gross gags and just wrong routines in this rollercoaster of weirdness that is perfect for strange kids aged from 4 to 12 and their even stranger parents!

With sold out shows and rave reviews at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe, Appealing to all ages and is guaranteed to make zour family groan, gasp and howl with delight! 

★★★★★“Multi-generational humour for all…this show is a must see! ”-  Glam Adelaide  

★★★★★“All the best elements you’d hope for in childrens entertainment” Kiddo Mag

Presented by: Allsorts Of Entertainment

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