SA Premiere

Mortal Condition by Larissa McGowan

Dance / Contemporary
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Mortal Condition explores a very human relationship and the world of gaming. An unrestrained union turns to video games to ease the monotony. What would your avatar look like? If you could choose different parts of you, what could you be instead of this life?

Inspired by Mike Patton’s (Faith No More) ground-breaking album Adult Themes for Voice and from observing gamers play for hours on end, Mortal Condition explores human interactions and what might materialise from them in a virtual gaming world.

Watch as renowned South Australian choreographer, Larissa McGowan’s precise design mixes martial arts and gaming references whilst enlightening our deepening relationship with technology.

Mortal Condition is an extraordinary journey into a virtual world of contemporary dance.

“The lasting impression of Mortal Condition is of the exciting quality of the superfast dancing... and this performance has it in spades.” The Australian. 

Presented by:
Andrew Stanley

Andrew Stanley has performed worldwide at every major festival and is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. He has been resident host at numerous clubs and festivals in Ireland for almost a decade now and is the most sought out MC working the UK and Irish circuits. Add in to this his razor sharp wit and he is one of the most unique standups working today.

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Content Warnings

Age Suitability: M

Other Warnings: Loud Music