Monika Morgenstern: I Dwell In Possibility - Image caption: Monika Morgenstern, Orbis, 2022, ink on aluminium, 90 x 90cm. Photo by Grant Hancock.

Monika Morgenstern: I Dwell In Possibility

South Australia • World Premiere

Morgenstern explores phenomenology and how undefinable complex feelings can be experienced on a deeply personal and psychological level. 

The language used by the many people whom the artist interviewed about their mystical experiences, carried tremendous power and emotion. Those words and quotes from diverse sacred texts and arresting poetry have informed these works, which also explore ectoplasm, a substance which is said to be formed by a medium in a state of trance, and that spiritual entities drape over their nonphysical bodies to interact in the present. 

Perceiving that we are on the precipice of cataclysmic social and political change, Morgenstern makes work that addresses our need for a more enchanted universe at a time of enormous geopolitical and economic stresses.

Presented by: Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

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