MJ Wong: In the Wong Family

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Masonic - The Little Sparrow at Gluttony - Masonic Lodge North Terrace

254 North Tce, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Entrance is to the right of the main entrance to the building

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About this event

MJ Wong was born into the w(r)ong family, then he fell in love and got married to the w(r)ong woman.
Will he ever belong, will two w(r)ongs ever make a right?

A dysfunctional family, a failed marriage. A happy family life has always managed to elude MJ Wong.

How do you "grow up" without "grown ups" to look up to? How do you find your feet when your world gets turned upside down? How do you save on tomatoes at the supermarket? MJ Wong explores these questions through comedy with his unique blend of 'smart and dumb*' jokes in an often dark, but hilarious hour of comedic catharsis.

After performing across the country with the likes of Dave Hughes, Greg Fleet and Dilruk Jayasinha, MJ Wong debuts his first solo show spanning his culturally confused childhood, emancipation and divorce.

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Based Comedy

Based Comedy is an Australian comedy business.

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