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  • 2020 Weekly Award Winner
  • Warra Kattendi - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Events
Scaled misconceive 68

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What does an Aboriginal Australian person look like? Act like? Sound like?
Do they all have black skin, live in the bush and are they naked? Here's a
clue... Books are not their covers. One size does not fit all.

"[MIS]CONCEIVE's power is in the riveting choreography and dance performance. Fierce and exciting" Anthony Rebello Artshub

Presented by:
Karul Projects

Started by Thomas E.S. Kelly and Taree Sansbury in 2017, KARUL PROJECTS is a performing arts company telling stories of indigneous knowledge & its relevance and responsibility in modern & future Australia's identity. KARUL is a Yugambeh word which means 'everything'. Named because KARUL PROJECTS will be doing everything it can to strengthen and empower the cultural knowlegde of this land so future generations of any background can continue to learn for Aboriginal Australia's rich heritage. Though Karul Projects mainly identify with dance and choreography we will be utilising every medium that we feel best suits the information we are sharing. Karul Projects is creating reconciliation the it's art. Learning about the past, so we better understand the present, to move forward into the future

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