Mindreader - Andy Nunn 'Mindreader'


Step into the world of mentalist Andy Nunn for a night that will defy all expectations. Fresh from his Sydney Fringe-nominated show 'Doors of Deception,' Andy is back with 'Mindreader' to unravel the intricacies of human perception. As a speaker at Sydney's TEDx event on believing in magic, he's mastered the art of wonder and awe.

Explore the deceptive layers of your reality as Andy takes you on a transformative mental journey. 'Mindreader' challenges what you think is possible and alters everyday experience. Traverse the enigmatic corridors of memory, catch glimpses of what the future holds, and brace yourself for an awe-inspiring night.
Prepare to question your reality, be wonderstruck, and see the unseeable.

If you suffer from panic attacks or are pregnant, please do not participate in the hypnosis sections of the show.

New South Wales • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Wed, 28 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

50 min

Henry's Table at Ayers House (+1 more)

$20 to $45


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