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Step inside the mind of BAY! A collection of abstract expressionist paintings influenced by the islands of Polynesia and mental health.

This tropical, heady mix will delight and disarm. Follow the contour lines into the islands of your imagination.

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‘Mind Maps’ represent a search for identity, belonging and the resulting mental health challenges that follow. Acrylic paints are marbled and react with gel mediums to represent the unpredictable symptoms of anxiety and depression. The contrasting lines represent contour lines on a map and give the impression of islands, a reference to the artist’s Polynesian ancestry. The paintings are a metaphor for the isolating feeling mental health symptoms often result in, making you feel as though you are alone on an island.

BAY is an Adelaide based artist and was recently nominated as a finalist for The 2016 Advertiser Contemporary Art Prize as part of SALA. Her work explores her Polynesian ancestry, which was unknown until she recently began to discover family she never knew existed. Mental health has also played an important part in forming her easily recognisable abstract style, with a focus on identity and the ever present question of ‘where do I belong?’

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