Mike Rudd's 1st BASE in Life after Life

Music / Acoustic
Scaled 1st base 2018 fringe
With Science telling us the prospect of life everlasting is just around the corner, Mike Rudd's 1st BASE in Life after Life sees piano accordionist George Butrumlis and bassist Jeremy Alsop joining Spectrum's main man Mike Rudd in an acoustically-skewed selection of Rudd's highly individual music that parallels his own reinvention and renewal.
With the possibility of Rudd playing on into his hundreds we can eventually anticipate a minimalist phase, but in the meantime sit back and enjoy a robust but sensitive account of the Rudd (and Crudd) repertoires, with a little modern inserted in the vast reservoir of ancient, all positively illuminated by the accompaniment of George and Jeremy, a couple of the best musicians around.

Presented by:
Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd is best known for his song I’ll Be Gone (Someday I’ll Have Money) which was a No. 1 hit for his band Spectrum back in 1971. I’ll Be Gone still gets constant radio airplay today.
Apart from Spectrum there was The Indelible Murtceps, Ariel and Mike Rudd and The Heaters, which continued to release albums and singles throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s until Rudd revived the original Spectrum name in the late ‘90s.
In 2016-17 Mike Rudd’s come up with a brand new outfit, Mike Rudd’s 1st BASE, to cater for a more mature and discerning audience as well as satisfy his own present-day preferences. He still has his trademark voice, but in place of the Fender Strat he now plays a gentle nylon-string guitar, along with a brace of blues harmonicas and even the original recorder he played back when.

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