Mike McClellan in dark coat standing on jetty with sea in background and land in the distance.

Mike McClellan

Universally known as "The Song And Dance Man" after his acclaimed 1974 hit, Mike McClellan has hosted TV shows, had many of his songs covered around the world, recorded 10 albums, two of which went gold and played concerts to audiences who have remained enthralled by the magic of his singing and playing ever since he first stepped into the spotlight. His 2022 album 'Behind Every Mask' is deeply personal and yet emotionally universal in its scope as he explores love, the environment, child abuse, internet trolling and the current disillusionment with the political process around the world. It adds to his timeless songs such as Song & Dance Man, The One I Love, Saturday Dance, I Wonder Who She's Waiting For, Dancing in the Rain. ABC's Richard Glover "Mike just gets better and better".


Music • Folk
New South Wales

Fri, 16 Feb

110 min

Church of the Trinity



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