Michael Hing & Sam Taunton - Live - Image is a composite image. The image on the left is of Sam Taunton. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing an open white shirt over a black t-shirt. The image on the right is of Michael Hing. Michael has short brown hair, brown eyes and square glasses. He is wearing a white shirt and pink jacket. There is a lighting effect across Michael’s Face.

Michael Hing & Sam Taunton - Live

Don’t miss a night of big laughs with comedians Michael Hing & Sam Taunton!

Michael Hing is a comedian, broadcaster, actor, improviser, podcaster, and is a regular on The Project. He is EXTREMELY relatable and not at all an alienating weirdo. He prioritises good oral hygiene.
“You’ll find yourself cheering on Michael Hing through tears of laughter.” ★★★★½ Sydney Morning Herald

Sam Taunton is one the hottest young voices on the Australian comedy circuit. In 2023, Sam released his stand up special Rooster on Paramount Plus. Seen on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Opening Night Gala and co-host of The Project.

“Tells us stories about some of the worst moments of his life… that ultimately lead to serendipitous comedy gold.” ★★★★ The Age

Comedy • Stand-up
Australia • SA Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb

60 min

Spiegel Zelt at The Garden of Unearthly Delights


M (1 Warning)

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