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Scaled janet   barrys wedding 033

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Barry Gray, referred to as, ' The gentleman of Mediumship', is well known and loved for his connection and communication with the Spirit world.

Come and witness "SA Psychic of the year 2013" Barry Gray, as he brings through messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

Barry has worked right across Australia and the UK where he is well known for his work bringing healing to the grieving, upliftment and guidance for those who are lost but most of all, proof of soul survival through his amazing messages.

Barry works with compassion, empathy and sometimes humour to bridge the gap between the living and your passed loved ones to give amazing evidence of life after death.

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Barry Gray

From the age of around six years old I have many memories of the spirit world. The feeling of never being alone, voices that came from nowhere and often the feeling of just knowing when something was about to happen were all part of everyday life for me. I also experienced the physical phenomena that the spirit world could produce. At times I would freak out my friends and their families whenever I mentioned I could see spirit and who they were.
For the last ten years or so I have been demonstrating Mediumship, running workshops and do many private readings in Adelaide, Northern NSW and Queensland. I have become well known for my work and have a large following. I had a regular spot on radio that broadcast across Australia, Europe and the USA.

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