The 6 MEN who DANCE, posing.
2 men showcasing their hip hop skills.
2 men showcasing their tapping.

MEN who DANCE: Alpha

• Theatre
South Australia

Showcasing Charlie, Ricky, Willian, Dhuruva, Calin, and Bailey, 6 male dancers who are physical, masculine, and energetic. They'll get your heart pumping with the amazing variety of dance styles, from hip hop, to classical, tap, acrobatics, contemporary, and much more.

Follow the men as they also head through construction sites, Bollywood, and under the sea. They tap, sing, leap, flip, and even meet an alien. The show strikes the perfect balance between edge-of-your-seat dare-devil action, irresistible romance, and surprising comedy.

More sessions added to Star Theatres by popular demand.

It’s more than a dance show, it’s an experience.

​Stage Whispers Review - 5/5 Stars
"Men who Dance is a joyous exploration of diverse dance styles from five extremely talented men" - Barry Hill
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Important Information:
Performance on Friday 17th March has changed space within the Northern Festival Centre from Ballroom to Keith Michell Theatre since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed

Presented by: Mighty Good Productions

Mighty Good Productions is the parent company of Star Theatres One and Two, the Mighty Good Talent School, and Mighty Good Artists. Mighty Good Productions has been producing theatrical entertainment since 1993, at Star Theatres and has toured extensively, specialising in family entertainment. We also conduct the Mighty Good Talent School, which has been in operation for 44 years in 2022. MEN who DANCE is the most recent production in a long line 57 productions concieved by Malcolm Harslett.