Mel has long brown wavy hair and red lipstick. She is wearing a blue jacket with a black and white stripy shirt. She is smiling and looking directly into the camera.

Mel Buttle - Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes

I’ll just let loose this year I think, how’s that sound?

You know when you’re in a cafe and someone comes in who’s friends with the owner, and they’re chatting and laughing, and you’re just standing there, clenching your toes in your shoes. Well, I hate that feeling. This is a show about things like that. Maybe going to the dump also gets a mention. That’s as specific as I can be!

Mel is a regular on The Project, The Hundred, Question Everything, and a new contestant on the 2024 series of Taskmaster Australia. She is also everyone’s favourite mum on TikTok.

“Buttle was born with impeccable timing, a penchant for the absurd and the ability to pick out the threads of the ludicrous in the most mundane of daily tapestries.” GQ Australia

Comedy • Stand-up
SA Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Thu, 22 Feb

60 min

The Roundhouse at The Garden of Unearthly Delights (+1 more)

$35 to $39

M (1 Warning)

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