A man in a yellow suit and flowing long hair is riding a children's plastic tricycle with a triumphant look in his eye. He's in a carpark and the sky is a dramatic crystal blue with clouds.
Max holds a microphone and talks to the audience at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival showing of Big Funny. He's wearing a loose, brown, 80's-style shirt and has a relaxed expression.
A man looks towards the camera with a seductive yet nonsensical look on his face. He's dressed in a floral shirt, inflatable crown and has long brown hair against a bright pink background. Dramatic purple lighting.

Max Paton - Big Funny

Comedy • Sketch show
Victoria • SA Premiere

It’s 2023 and Small Funny just doesn’t cut the mustard.

That’s why regular-sized Max is going Big, embarking on a whoppingly high-octane sketch show of colossal proportions. 50-minutes of fast-paced, precision tomfoolery that'll leave you in awe of it's jumbo immenseness, girth and other synonyms.

Small Funny is dead - long live Big Funny.

"Brilliantly Silly" - Squirrel Comedy

"Wonderfully Crafted" Funny Tonne

"A Joy to See" - Theatre Travels

"Pure Fun" - RLSmithWriting

Presented by: Jacinta Anderson