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Matrophobia /mætrəʊˈfəʊbɪə/ noun: the fear of becoming one's mother.

Haven't called your Mother in a while? The umbilical cord was cut long ago but this relationship is for life, whether you like it (or not). She carried you for nine months. She fed you. She clothed you. Friending her on Facebook is not a lot to ask now, is it? Four daughters delve deep into the beauties, horrors, complexities and extremities of mother-daughter relationships.

Expect real-life stories, tears and truths with just a touch of motherly guilt in this brutally honest new work. Embrace where you came from and don't be afraid to look yourself in the mirror and walk a mile in a pair of your mother's most sensible strappy sandals. Matrophobia! is a show made by women for all those born of women who are ready to explore that most fragile and tenuous relationship.

Don't be afraid to confront your fears, we're here for you. Even if we're the ones you're afraid of.

Presented by: MindBlown

MindBlown is a small team of world-class and award winning Adelaide magicians and mentalists who work together to provide professional and entertaining performances to the very highest standard.

Having won Adelaide Fringe Awards in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 they are one of the most awarded production teams in the Adelaide Fringe. Headed by magician and mentalist Matt Tarrant they are the name in magic within Australia.