3 men in a home kitchen are cooking an Indian meal. one is giving green chillies to another. They are laughing
a group of about 12 men in a household kitchen pose in a happy party photo group. All of the faces but 1 seem to be South Asian
detail of a roughly painted portrait of a Sikh man with a light pink turban

Matilda Street House Invites You In: multidisciplinary, ongoing socially engaged contemporary art

Socially engaged art (SEA) is the cutting edge of contemporary. It resists display in galleries, eschews singular authors and objectification. SEA is ongoing around the world (Oda Projesi, ruang rupa, INLAND, Party Office +) formed by communities & friendships and framed by artists, because art cannot be contained by the institution. Art is a ‘third’ space; special but familiar; living is form. In SEA the space of hospitality is the support; relationship is the media, ethics is the aesthetic. Our home - as SEA invites you in for one weekend, for a cup of tea, and an unpredicatable sets of live music, paintings, people, plants and conversations. This is not participatory art, just come like a friend and witness what this expanding group of diverse people have created in this space. WELCOME.

This is a home-as-art venue. Expect a friendly group of many people or few. Tread lightly like a gallery, allow the work to unfold without explanation. Can you see the invisible? All is free but bring some cash to buy a plant to take home.

Visual Arts and Design • Contemporary
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 01 Mar - Sun, 03 Mar

Open 12pm-9pm

Matilda Street House

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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