MASSAGE THERAPY - A woman wearing a headband with 'HAPPINESS' printed on it, a bath towel, and a head towel, stands between flowing white curtains. She raises her hands, moving the curtains, while looking up and to the left. Sunlight from a right-side window illuminates her face, with steam in the background.


Kai refuses to leave their foreign hotel room. Their father closes business deals on the other side of the door. Outside the hotel, flood waters rise. At home, bush fires draw close. Close the deal and they can go home. But the deal is bad and nowhere is now safe. Kai wants change. Can we look after the world and each other? Yes. A massage is a good place to start. Any takers from the audience?

This theatrical experience is live, aural and immersive. It is a timely play with an urgent message of environmental collapse, family dysfunction, animal exploitation but also the redemptive power of human love and compassion. In a time of crisis, Kai is an agent of change, with magic hands.

Our show is accessible with DEADLYTIX and UNWAGEDTIX. Email for a discount code.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Interactive
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

60 min

Tea Room at Curiositeas

$20 to $25


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