Mary's Diva Spectacular!

Cabaret • Performance

Featuring the brightest stars never to come out of Las Vegas, Mary's Divas are suiting up and getting down with Britney, Celine, Tina, Mariah, Beyonce, Dolly, Adele, Pink, Whitney AND Madonna!

It all started with a dream; the dream of a woman working 9-5. What a way to make a living! Filing, faxing and fingering documents; Karen from Finance has been working hard for the money. Fed up with the daily grind, she yearns for a better life. A life of sequins, sex appeal and Celine. She burns for the life of a Las Vegas Diva. On those long, lonely afternoons balancing the books in her cubicle, Karen dreams of stripping off her sensible suit and slipping into something a little more Beyonce.

With the help of the Office Ladies, these desk divas will throw down their hole punchers and transform into your famous favourites and bring you the biggest and best diva impersonation show never to make it on the Nevada strip!

Presented by: Mary's Poppin

Mary's Poppin burst onto to the Adelaide cabaret scene in April 2016 to a fanfare of media. Currently open every weekend, Mary's play host to 9 Mary's Divas who perform to capacity crowds every weekend. Taking drag performance to a whole new level. Come and see our Fringe show starring Karen From Finance (Melbourne) and our Mary's Divas.