Marvelous Mechanical Musical Maiden

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Music
United States
A solo storytelling cabaret. Discover this woman, once flesh and blood like you, who tangled with the Wizard of the Electric Age and lost her voice to a body of brass. This is her story of love, rebellion, and catastrophic whimsy. Will your spark wake her?

The Marvelous Mechanical Musical Maiden emits her music right from her person by way of a wearable looping device integrated into her clothing. She's got no strings to hold her down as she spins a scene spanning over 100 years, several love affairs, wars, and one fateful run in with a resourceful megalomaniac known as Thomas Edison. This immersive and intimately staged experience will move you.

5 Stars, WINNER of Innovation Awards at Adelaide Fringe & New Zealand Fringe.
Featuring musical tech developed by awesome lady coder artists.

Presented by: Spectacle & Mirth

A Creative Producer from the mid Atlantic region, I have made my home in Richmond, Virginia. She's produced such absurdity as The Teacup Cabaret, the internationally award winning show The Marvelous Mechanical Music Maiden, The Shenandoah Fringe Festival and is a founding member of the production cooperative, Spectacle & Mirth. An overly complicated Venn Diagram of adjacent identities, she tours the world, tell stories, and plays wearable musical inventions. This vaudevillian loves to sing too loud, stand very still, and wear grand hats. Find me on Patreon and be an accomplice to the GlamourHobo life and catch her podcast "Glamour Hobo Field Notes: 100 Mile stories."

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