Mambo Italiano

Music / Multicultural
Scaled fringe mambo italiano

A cultural celebration loaded with songs, dances and the Italian flavours of a 3 course meal! Be immersed in passionate, romantic love songs; classic popular hits plus a sprinkle of Opera. Featuring both male and female singers (the live group including an accordion player) present a musical feast of popular and traditional Italian songs. Featuring artists including Dean Martin, Sophia Loren and Patrizio Buanne. From the moving classic song Il Mondo, the popular 'That's Amore' to the upbeat 'Mambo Italiano' there is a load of variety and surprises! Traditional dances include the popular Tarantella. The singers present their songs in a floor show and mingle and rove during their performances. Costumes and props are used to encourage audience participation which leads to a fun experience!

For dietary and special requirements and to arrange seating please contact the below
Skyline Events Centre - Saturday 16 February - Stam at Skyline Events on or 08 8216 0300.
Waterfall Room @ B. Social Restaurant - Saturday 16 March - Teresa at B. Social Restaurant on or 08 8261 7745

Presented by:
Tony Genovese

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Waterfall Room at B. Social Restaurant

246 Fosters Rd, Oakden, SA, 5086

Skyline Event Centre

1 South Tce, Adelaide, SA, 5000