A man wearing a suit, sunglasses and a hat, holding a fan of playing cards in one hand and the jack of diamonds in the other.
a man wearing a suit and  sunglasses is tilting his hat with a hand holding an unlit cigarette. In the back ground there is a poster picture of a woman shooting a gun at the shadow of a man
a suited man with an unlit cigarette in his mouth.  He is  holding 4 unlit cigarettes in one hand and a flower in other hand with which he is trying to light the cigarette in his mouth

Magic Diamond Jack - Standing at the Crossroads

A comedy musical cabaret theatre show about unfunny stuff. Live blues music, sleight of hand illusion, puppetry, and commedia del'arte inspired clowning routines are woven together in a narrative monologue about infidelity and domestic abuse that describes the breakdown of a loving relationship and ponders common myths such as: “What makes a sweet guy turn so mean?” And asks: “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?"

Sydney based performer Frank Ozo is a veteran of the ‘ozzy new circus’ era that originated in Adelaide in the 70’s. He is one of the few remaining travelling all-rounders who were a ‘dime a dozen’ in the old days but are getting hard to find now. "I dropped out of Uni and couldn’t fall back on a proper job. I’m  a typical boomer, still hogging the lime light."

Cabaret • Magic
New South Wales • World Premiere

Sat, 24 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

135 min

Kelly's Room at The Clovercrest Hotel (+1 more)


PG (3 Warnings)

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