An illustration of Gina The Synth Cat at her control panel, as a rocket launches into space in the background.
Luke Million wearing a spacesuit and holding a keytar.
Luke Million wearing a spacesuit and holding a keytar.

Luke Million - Gina The Synth Cat

Music • Sci-fi
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

For over 10 years, Luke Million a.k.a. ‘The Synth Lord’ has shared his love of vintage synthesizers and drum machines, beaming their analog wave-forms over radio stations and dance floors across the world. Luke crafted his own "Future- Retro, Cosmic, Disco-Pop" sound with releases such as "Arnold", "Heard it On The Radio", "Light & Sound" and his wildly popular remix of the "Stranger Things Theme".

Luke has just unleashed his 14 track debut album that leaves no synth in his museum worthy studio untouched. Harking back to his love of Italo Disco, Electronic Funk and Synth Pop, this is Luke Million in his true form.

In collaboration with Dave Court and Mapped Design, Luke is debuting a brand new live show to push the boundaries between Audio and Visuals.

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